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Mànran - The Test

Mànran was formed by six young friends from across Scotland in 2010. They have created their own unique sound using a combination of Gaelic and English songs with the accordion, fiddle, flute and a great mix of drum and bass. They are also the only band to use Highland and Uilleann pipes in the one lineup. Mànran have steadily made a name for themselves amongst the folk circuit having played at many established festivals around the world. Things are going from strength to strength for this young band.
The Test is the second lively album from the band bringing it's own unique blend of traditional Gaelic and contemporary English songs and tunes.

Track Listing:

01. MSR

02. Tamhasg

03. Dhèanainn Sùgradh

04. 10k Tattie

05. Maria

06. The Test

07. Jigs

08. Tillidh Mi

09. The Fishing Boat

10. Overtime


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