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An Sgoil Dhubh - Iain F. MacLeòid

This is the fifth book in the Aiteal series, a series of new fiction from different, talented writers. This novel was written by Iain F. MacLeod who has published many other novels such as Am Bounty and Na Klondykers. In this book:

'The king is dead and the druids are now ruling. Anybody who speaks out against them disappears with no trace. Fear and doubt consume the populace especially as there is a name to be heard that hasn't been heard for many generations: An Sgoil Dhubh (The Black School).
On a small, remote island a young man, Sgire, meets two strangers on the hills. This is the start of a trip which changes his life completely and leads him through war on a journey that was foreseen for him centuries before he was born.'



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